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Drawing inspiration from the bygone era, we, at Smitam, embrace traditional crafting techniques incorporating natural materials, to create sustainable handicrafts that can endure the test of time in the modern age.

At Smitam Lifestyle we try to follow the principles of reduce , reuse , recycle and up-cycle.

Reduce - we do this by incorporating more ecofriendly raw materials in our products. By using all Reach compliant raw materials to minimize the use of hazardous  chemicals in our products.

Reuse – we use wicker grasses turned in to baskets, leftover cloth materials  (kantha craft) turned in to kits and storage trunks etc.

Recycle - we use recycled pet bottles turned in to fabrics  as linings in our hand bags.

Up-cycle - the local artisans bring up-cycled kantha fabrics which we procure and use in fabricating different products

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